Hospitality and Service Trade Union, Local 261 and Staff of Non-Public Funds, Canadian Forces


  • Before: P. Chodos
  • Appearances: S. McGee, for the Applicant; G. Green, for the Respondent
  • Decision Rendered: 1997-09-22

Subject terms:

Certification – National Defence Headquarters Cafeteria – applicant applied for certification for all employees of the Staff of the Non-Public Funds at the National Defence Headquarters employed in the cafeteria, save and except persons above the rank of supervisor, office and clerical staff – Board was satisfied that applicant was an employee organization as defined in section 2 of the Public Service Staff Relations Act and that the proposed unit was appropriate for collective bargaining – on the evidence, the Board was satisfied that a majority of the employees in the bargaining unit wished the applicant to represent them as their bargaining agent – accordingly, the Board certified the applicant as bargaining agent for the bargaining unit in question – a certificate will issue.

Certification granted.