Feldsted, Buchart, Spewak, Sanderson and Garwood-Filberts, Public Service Alliance of Canada

148-2-252 & 253, 161-2-813 to 816, 819, 820, 822 to 824

  • Before: B. Turner
  • Appearances: D. Bjornson, for the Complainants; E. Bramwell, for the Respondents
  • Decision Rendered: 1997-11-03

Subject terms:

Unfair labour practice – Complaint under paragraph 23(1)(a) of the Public Service Staff Relations Act alleging a violation of subsection 10(2) of the Act – Duty of fair representation – Application under section 21 of the Act alleging a violation of section 6 of the Act – Internal union matters – Timeliness – Jurisdiction – parties agreed that this determination would apply to all the complaints and applications filed by the complainants – complainants alleged that the respondent union official had utilized her position as a union officer to obtain funds from the bargaining agent to finance a civil action against them and that this constituted a breach of the duty of fair representation – complainant Feldsted also alleged that the respondents had violated section 6 of the Public Service Staff Relations Act when his membership in the bargaining agent was suspended for a five-year period – respondents submitted that the complaints were untimely in that the civil action began in February 1995 and the complaints were not filed until October 1996 – furthermore, the complainants were aware in September 1995 that union official would be receiving funds from the bargaining agent to finance the civil action – Board found that the complaints were not untimely – there was no statutory time limit to be met – in any case, the time between the complainants' becoming aware of the facts and their filing of the complaints was not excessive in light of all the circumstances – however, Board concluded that it had no jurisdiction to entertain the complaints and applications because they related to internal union matters.

Complaints and applications dismissed.

Cases cited: St. James et al. (100-1); Forsen (148-2-209).