Canadian Air Traffic Control Association and Treasury Board (Transport Canada) and Nav Canada


  • Before: M. Korngold Wexler
  • Appearances: P. Barnacle and D. Lewis, for the Bargaining Agent; H. Newman and P. Brethour, for the Employers
  • Decision Rendered: 1997-07-14

Subject terms:

Policy grievance – Checkoff – Air Traffic Controllers – Miscalculation by employer over a six-year period resulted in underpayment of union dues to bargaining agent – there was no dispute that miscalculation by employer Treasury Board resulted in a failure to deduct the full amount of union dues from the employees in the bargaining unit and a corresponding failure to remit the full amount of union dues owed to the bargaining agent contrary to the relevant provisions of the collective agreement – Nav Canada was the successor employer for most but not all of these employees and was therefore added as intervenor – the parties agreed upon the amount owing to the bargaining agent – the Board directed the employers to collect the union dues owing from the employees and to remit them to the bargaining agent – the Board undertook to issue another decision dealing with the liability for any dues which could not be recovered by the employers.

Grievance allowed.