Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada and National Energy Board


  • Before: Y. Tarte
  • Appearances: Decided without an oral hearing
  • Decision Rendered: 1997-05-02

Subject terms:

Designation of positions having safety or security duties - Subsection 78.1(6) of the Public Service Staff Relations Act - Professional bargaining unit - Extension of time to notify occupants of designated positions - pursuant to subsection 78.1(4) of the Act, the parties met to review the position of each employee in the bargaining unit to determine whether any of them had safety or security duties as specified in subsection 78(1) - in due course, the employer advised the Board that the parties had reached agreement on the positions which have such duties - the Board designated these positions pursuant to subsection 78.1(6) of the Act - in addition, the parties requested the Board pursuant to section 6 of the P.S.S.R.B. Regulations and Rules of Procedure to extend the 30-day time limit specified in subsection 60(1) of the Regulations for notification of the incumbents of the designated positions - pursuant to section 78.5 of the Act, the Board authorized the employer to inform the employees occupying the designated positions - for this purpose the Board will provide the employer with forms 13 which will be complete except for the name of the occupant of each position and the appropriate date of the notice - also pursuant to section 6 of the Regulations, Board extended the time specified in subsection 60(1) of the Regulations within which an employee is to be informed of the fact that he or she occupies a designated position to a period of 30 days from the date of a request for conciliation pursuant to section 76 of the Act - thereafter future occupants shall be notified within 30 days of the date on which they first occupy the position.

Positions designated.