Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association and Treasury Board


  • Before: Y. Tarte
  • Appearances: Decided without an oral hearing
  • Decision Rendered: 1997-04-04

Subject terms:

Designation of position having safety or security duties - Subsection 78.1(6) of the Public Service Staff Relations Act - University Teaching Group - pursuant to subsection 78.1(4) of the Act, the parties met to review the position of each employee in the bargaining unit to determine whether any of them had safety or security duties as specified in subsection 78(1) - in due course, the employer advised the Board that the parties had agreed that one position had such duties - the Board designated that position pursuant to subsection 78.1(6) of the Act - pursuant to section 78.5 of the Act, the Board authorized the employer to inform the employee occupying the position in question (and all subsequent occupants of that position) of its designation within the time limits and pursuant to the procedure specified in section 60 of the P.S.S.R.B. Regulations and Rules of Procedure.

Position designated.