Stanovie and Staff of the Non-Public Funds, Canadian Forces


  • Before: R. Labelle
  • Appearances: G. Nadeau, for the Grievor; S. Curtis-Micallef, for the Employer
  • Decision Rendered: 1997-02-19

Subject terms:

Sick leave - grievor, who was a full-time produce supervisor, was advised on January 3, 1995, of a temporary lay-off to take effect on January 16, 1995 - grievor obtained a medical certificate dated January 13 which indicated that he would be unable to work from January 13 to February 13 - apart from January 13, the grievor was laid off throughout this period - employer granted sick leave to the grievor for January 13 but would not pay him for the period during which he was laid off - adjudicator concluded that employer was not obliged to pay sick leave benefits to the grievor during a period when he was laid off as he had no salary to protect.

Grievance denied.