Settlement Conference Brief


Settlement Conference Brief
FPSLREB Staffing Complaint File Number: (number)

Each of the parties is required to complete this form in preparation of the settlement conference, and return it to the FPSLREB by email at least ten days before the settlement conference date. The subject of the email should read: "Confidential – for settlement conference purposes only".

The Settlement Conference Brief will be disclosed only to the Board member conducting the settlement conference. The brief will not be included in the Board's complaint file and, if the case goes to a hearing, it will not be disclosed to the Board member hearing the complaint. In order to prepare for the settlement conference, the Board member assigned to preside will call the representative of each party a few days before the settlement conference.

  1. Please provide the name, daytime phone number and e-mail of the representative or the participant who can be contacted by the Board member presiding the settlement conference in order to prepare for this process.
  2. Have you initiated discussions regarding a settlement with the other party and, if so, what was discussed?
  3. On what facts or legal basis is your current position based?
  4. Based on previous staffing complaint decisions, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your position? What about the other party's position?
  5. Based on your understanding, which options would be acceptable to you and to the other party in order to resolve the complaint?