Terms of Settlement



(Representative of complainant)


(Deputy Head)

(Representative of Deputy Head)

The parties have participated in a settlement conference to resolve the staffing complaint complaint no. _______________. The parties acknowledge that this matter has been resolved to their satisfaction as per the terms below.

The parties agree to the following terms of settlement:

The Deputy Head, without prejudice to any position he or she may wish to take in future cases involving similar matters or circumstances, hereby agrees:

  1. to
  2. to
  3. to

    The Complainant hereby agrees:

  4. to withdraw his/her complaint(s) filed on (date);
  5. to exonerate Her Majesty the Queen, her servants and her representatives from all complaints, grievances, requests or other recourse arising from this dispute;
  6. to

    The Parties hereby agree:

  7. not to disclose the content of these terms of settlement, except for administrative or legal reasons;
  8. that this agreement constitutes full and final settlement of the specific issues and conditions associated with the complaint and does not create a precedent.

AGREED ON _______________

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