Waiver for Individuals Identified as "Other Parties" in a Lay-off Complaint But Who Do Not Wish to Pursue Their Right to Participate in the Complaint Process


  • You have been identified as an "other party" in a complaint filed by someone in your organization and you have received the complaint document and any attachments; and
  • You have decided that you do not wish to participate in the complaint process or in the hearing, and you DO NOT want to receive any further correspondence regarding this case.

Please provide the FPSLREB with the following:

  • Prepare and sign the following statement, called a waiver, and send it by facsimile to the FPSLREB at 613-949-6551. You may also scan the signed waiver and send it by email to director.directeur@fpslreb-crtespf.gc.ca.

"I have been identified as an 'other party' in complaint number [add file number] and I have received a copy of the complaint with all the attachments. I am advising the FPSLREB that I do not wish to receive any correspondence from the FPSLREB or anyone else regarding this complaint. I understand that by making this choice, I will not be able to participate in the hearing, other than attending the proceedings. I would ask that the FPSLREB respect my decision not to participate in the case and that my name be removed from the mailing list in this file."

Once the FPSLREB has received your signed waiver:

  • Your name will be removed from the mailing list and you will no longer be copied on any of the correspondence in this file.