Labour Relations Mediation

The clients of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) have access to mediation services in the context of labour relations (see section 14 of the FPSLRA) in three areas: as part of the collective bargaining process, following the reference of grievances or complaints to adjudication, and in special circumstances, as a measure to resolve disputes at an earlier stage, before reference to adjudication.

Mediation as Part of Collective Bargaining

  • When the parties reach a point in their face-to-face negotiations where it is increasingly difficult to make progress, either party (or both) may choose to request the services of a mediator.
  • The Chairperson of the FPSLREB may at any time, upon request, or on his or her own initiative, appoint a mediator to confer with the parties to a dispute and to endeavour to assist them to settle the dispute. See section 108 of the FPSLRA.

For more information, please see the fact sheet on collective bargaining.

Mediation Following the Reference of Grievances or Complaints to Adjudication

  • Whenever a grievance or a complaint is referred to adjudication at the FPSLREB, a letter is sent to the parties to assess their interest in participating in the mediation process.
  • If the parties agree to mediation, they forward the information for their contact person (name, title, phone number and electronic address) to the FPSLREB and the file is referred to the Board's Dispute Resolution Services.
  • A mediator is named by the Chairperson.
  • The mediator will get in touch with the contact persons in preparation for the mediation session.
  • The FPSLREB takes care of logistics, such as identifying mediation rooms and coordinating the date and time of the mediation session.

Mediation Prior to the Reference to Adjudication

  • Representatives of the parties wishing to explore the possibility of receiving mediation services from FPSLREB, in cases where the dispute has not yet been referred to adjudication at the Board, should consult with the Director of the Dispute Resolution Services.

For more information, refer to the fact sheet on mediation and the video on mediation.

The FPSLREB's Dispute Resolution Services team is dedicated to providing impartial third-party assistance to help parties resolve disputes between them to their mutual satisfaction.