Welcome to the FPSLREB’s E-Filing portal.

At this time, this portal is only available if you wish to:

  • Make a staffing complaint for an action made pursuant to the Public Service Employment Act. These actions include:
    • Appointments
    • Lay-offs
    • Revocation of appointments; or
    • Abuse of authority in the implementation of a corrective action.
  • For more information on staffing complaints, please refer to the Procedural Guide for Staffing Complaints.

For all other matters, please refer to our forms page and follow the appropriate filing instructions.

Please note that any information included in the form below will be sent to all parties and, once submitted, is accessible to the public. Therefore, if possible, please avoid including personal information such as your PRI, medical information, SIN, etc.

Individuals working in the intelligence community may wish to use alternative filing methods such as a paper form or printing the electronic form if required.