Policy on Accommodation Requests

Table of Contents

  1. Effective Date
  2. Who to Contact at the FPSLREB to make a request for accommodation
  3. Making a Request for Accommodation
  4. Next Steps
  5. Other Important Information
  6. Inquiries

The FPSLREB is committed to ensuring that its processes are accessible. It addresses requests for reasonable accommodation on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the Canadian Human Rights Act.

1. Effective Date

This policy is effective immediately.

2. Who to Contact at the FPSLREB to make a request for accommodation

Requests for accommodation must be made as soon as possible, once the need for accommodation becomes known.

Requests for accommodation should normally be sent directly to the Registry by telephone at 613-949-6516, Teletypewriter at 1-866-389-6901 or by e-mail: director.directeur@fpslreb-crtespf.gc.ca.

The FPSLREB recognizes that accommodation needs may arise during any stage of the complaint process. During FPSLREB proceedings, such as hearings or mediation sessions, the person making the request can speak directly to the member presiding at the hearing or the mediator. In those cases, the member or mediator may directly address a request for accommodation or refer the request to the Registry, as appropriate.

3. Making a Request for Accommodation

A request for accommodation must be as specific as possible. The provision of sufficient information is important in reviewing a request for accommodation. Otherwise, it may not be possible to assess the request or to properly address it.

At the same time, the person making the request should include only the information that is necessary to address it. Details of a medical condition are not required at this stage.

The request for accommodation should include information such as

4. Next Steps

The FPSLREB will review the information on the request for accommodation as soon as possible, and inform the person of the result of that review. In certain circumstances, the FPSLREB will ask for additional information or may organize a conference call to discuss the matter.

5. Other Important Information

Privacy considerations

To the extent possible, the FPSLREB will respect the privacy of the individual making the request for accommodation. However in some situations, particularly in the context of a hearing, the FPSLREB may ask that a copy of the request be sent to the other parties for procedural fairness or that information be provided to the other parties in order to respond to the accommodation request. If this is necessary, the FPSLREB may consider submissions from the parties in order to maintain sensitivity to privacy issues.


Where the request for accommodation relates to disability, this includes:

Use of support services and related arrangements

The FPSLREB recognizes that some individuals require the use of support services to assist with daily needs including communication, mobility, personal care or medical needs. The FPSLREB strives to support such accommodation services but will not generally arrange for them.

Service animals and assistive devices

Some individuals may require the use of a service animal or assistive device to participate in the FPSLREB's proceedings. The Registrar should be contacted in advance of the proceedings if any special arrangements are required for the animal or device.

Scented products

Please note that the FPSLREB asks people who are attending meetings in person – such as mediation meetings, pre-hearing and settlement conferences and hearings – to refrain from using scented products.

Unavailability of accommodation measure

Where an accessibility or accommodation measure provided by the FPSLREB becomes unavailable, the FPSLREB will provide notice as soon as practicable.

6. Inquiries

Inquiries concerning these guidelines may be directed to:

Director, Staffing Registry Services
Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board
240 Sparks Street, 6th Floor West
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A5

Telephone: 613-949-6516
Fax: 613-949-6551