Sending or Receiving a Request/Motion

It is not uncommon for the parties involved in a complaint before the FPSLREB to make a request, or motion, regarding a particular aspect of the complaint - the extension of time limits, for example.

As indicated in the FPSLREB's Procedural Guide for staffing complaints, a party making a request/motion must provide copies to the FPSLREB, the other parties and intervenors, if any.

(1) Procedure when filing a request/motion

A request/motion must be sent in writing to the FPSLREB with proof that the other parties have also received a copy. Your request/motion must include:

Please send your request/motion by e-mail addressed to:

(2) Procedure when responding to a request/motion

Upon receipt of a copy of a request/motion from a party to the FPSLREB, you may wish to provide your comments to the FPSLREB, including your consent or objection to the request. If you choose to do so, you must provide your comments in writing within five days of the receipt of the request both to the FPSLREB, the other parties and any intervenors.

Should you not reply within the five-day time limit, or indicate within the five days that you require more time to respond, the FPSLREB will not contact you and will render a decision on the request based on the information received.

Please send your response by e-mail addressed to: