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PSLRB Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP) - 2013-14

Greening Government Operations (GGO)

The Public Service Labour Relations Board (PSLRB) is bound by the Policy on Green Procurement but not the Federal Sustainable Development Act. As indicated in the table that follows, the PSLRB meets the mandatory reporting requirements under Section 7 of the aforementioned policy.

Strategies / Targets / Comments

  1. Approach: The PSLRB’s approach to greening its operations is to ensure green considerations are incorporated into its procurement and disposal practices. The PSLRB’s management team will continue its efforts to ensure that all procurement decisions are consistent with the Policy on Green Procurement.
  2. Management Processes and Controls: The PSLRB uses Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) procurement instruments as its primary procurement mechanism and leverages the environmental considerations incorporated into standing offers and supply arrangements by PWGSC. The PSLRB will also do the following:
    • review the templates used in the procurement process in 2013-14 to identify opportunities to include environmental considerations; and
    • continue to follow the Federal Electronic Waste Strategy for the disposal of electronic and electrical equipment.
  3. Setting Targets: In addition to the commitments identified in ii., v., and vi., the PSLRB has established the following targets:
    • continue to encourage staff to use the recycling/shredder bins provided for paper and plastic, and make every effort to reduce paper use by using electronic alternatives and by encouraging staff to minimize printing and copying by using duplex printing options;
    • ensure only paper with at least 30% recycled content is purchased; and
    • reduce paper acquisition through mandating printer acquisitions that can print in a double-sided format, and ensure that only recycled toner cartridges are used.
  4. Meeting Targets: An internal committee will meet bi-annually to review the PSLRB’s targets and progress. The PSLRB will report against those targets in its Departmental Performance Report.
  5. Training: The online Green Procurement course (C215) offered by the Canada School of Public Service will be a mandatory course for designated acquisition cardholders as part of their 2013-14 training plan.
  6. Performance Evaluations: Environmental considerations will be included in the evaluations of designated managers and functional heads of procurement and material management.