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PSLRB Departmental Performance Report (DPR) - 2013-14

Reporting on Green Procurement

During the 2013–14 reporting cycle, the Public Service Labour Relations Board considered the environmental effects of initiatives subject to the Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals and did not produce any public statements.

Departments and agencies bound by the Policy on Green Procurement but not the Federal Sustainable Development Act must complete mandatory reporting on meeting the requirements of section 7 of the Policy on Green Procurement using this section.

Activity Target (%)(as reported in 2013-14 RPP) Actual Results (%) Description/Comments
Training for Procurement and Materiel Management Staff 100% 100% All new functional specialists have completed green procurement training. In addition, materiel management staff participated in materiel management training (i.e., PMMRP) in 2013-14.
Training for Acquisition Cardholders 100% 100% All acquisition cardholders and new acquisition cardholders have completed green procurement training.
Performance Evaluations 100% 100% Performance objectives related to green procurement are included in the functional head of procurement and specialists' performance appraisals.
Procurement Processes and Controls When and Where applicable When and Where applicable The PSLRB's procurement and materiel management personnel continue to use the PWGSC's mandatory standing offers, into which environmental considerations have been incorporated.

The PSLRB sends contracts electronically, transmits solicitation documents via electronic methods and accepts electronic bids.

Assets continue to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner through the national “Computers for Schools” program and the PWGSC's “Crown Assets” disposal auction site.
Use of Green Consolidated Procurement Instruments Continuous Continuous Purchases for the PSLRB mainly include supplies, office furniture and IT equipment and are made using standing offers for PWGSC products and services, under which it is possible to obtain the best price and the best quality and to ensure green-endorsed procurement.

The PSLRB conducts its business while considering environmental impacts, in part by implementing the “green cleaning” program, which aims to ensure that all cleaning products used are “green certified.”
Reduction Initiatives for Specific Goods    

The PSLRB is committed to the principles of green procurement and sustainable development. Purchases and leases are made from companies that offer energy-efficient equipment, that have environmental programs, that use recycled content and that have a recycling program.

The PSLRB's default for printed material continues to be double-sided pages in black and white, unless otherwise specified. In 2013-2014, the PSLRB reduced its purchases by 31%.

The national Computers for Schools program and the PWGSC's Crown Assets disposal auction site continue to be used for asset disposal.

The PSLRB’s internal committee continues to meet biannually and to review its internal processes to ensure compliance and alignment with set targets.