2011-12 DPR - Supplementary Information Tables - Greening Government Operations

Green Procurement Capacity Building

Activity Target as % (as reported in 2010-11 RPP) Actual Results as % Description/Comments
Training for Procurement and Materiel Management Staff 100% 100% All functional specialists (contracting staff) have completed the Green Procurement training. Also, procurement management staff focused on mandatory training in procurement and materiel management (i.e., PMMRP) in 2011-2012.
Training for Acquisition Cardholders 100% 100% All acquisition cardholder have completed the Green Procurement training.
Performance Evaluations 100% 50% Performance objectives related to green procurement were included in the functional head of procurement performance appraisal.
Procurement Processes and Controls Where applicable Where applicable

The Tribunal’s procurement and materiel management personnel use PWGSC's Mandatory Standing Offers in which environmental considerations have already been incorporated.

When appropriate and feasible, the Tribunal transmits solicitation documents via electronic methods, accepts electronic bids and sends contracts electronically.

Assets are always disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, mainly through the national Computers for Schools program and the Crown asset disposal auction site.

Use of Green Consolidated Procurement Instruments

The Tribunal purchases primarily involve office supplies, office furniture and IT equipment. These purchases are made through the use of the PWGSC Standing Offers on products and services that provides best prices, better quality and a green procurement guarantee (e.g. recycled material, environmental performance).

Reduction Initiatives for Specific Goods


The Tribunal is committed to the principles of green procurement and sustainable development. It has continued to purchase and lease energy-efficient equipment from companies with environmental programs that have recycled content and a recycling program, using multi-function photocopiers and printer machines to reduce energy consumption and using recycled toner cartridges. The procurement of paper is done bearing in mind green procurement principles and initiatives.

In 2011-12, the Tribunal’s surplus equipment was sent to Computers for School Program and continued its participation in the EcoPass Public-Transit Program.