Staffing Complaint Registry Services

Registry Services

If you are a party to a staffing complaint before the Board, your first contact is likely to be with a Board registry officer. Since a registry officer has no authority to render a decision in your case, it is important to understand just what a registry officer can do to assist you in preparing your case.

A registry officer can:

  • Tell you what form(s) you need to fill out;
  • Tell you where to find the forms on the Board's website;
  • Provide you with copies of Board forms if you do not have access to the Internet;
  • Provide general information about the Board and its complaint process and procedures;
  • Direct you to other important information about the complaint process;
  • Check your forms for completeness; and
  • Answer questions about how your complaint is handled at each step in the process.

A registry officer cannot:

  • Give you legal advice or an opinion as to the validity of your complaint;
  • Recommend the name of any lawyer to act on your behalf;
  • Give you advice or direction regarding specific information to include or leave out when completing Board forms;
  • Help you prepare your case;
  • Tell you what the decision of the Board will be or when it will be rendered;
  • Interpret Board decisions or orders; or
  • Change a decision or order made by the Board.