This section provides access to the decisions of the FPSLREB. You can see a list of decisions by year and in chronological order by selecting Decisions by year. The Subject Index allows you to retrieve decisions which cover specific types of cases. Recent decisions are presented in the order in which they are posted, not in the order they are rendered. Using Search Decisions you can locate a decision by various means, including date, keyword or the name of a party or member. The File Classification explains the classification code assigned to each decision.

In accordance with the requirements of the Official Languages Act, the FPSLREB posts all its documents, including decisions, simultaneously in both official languages on this website. Therefore, you can expect a reasonable delay from the time the decision is released to parties to the time the decision is posted on this site. Should you require access to a decision of the FPSLREB in its original language, click on the Full Text button found on the summary page.

The FPSLREB's Policy on Openness and Privacy explains the measures that have been taken to prevent Internet searches of full-text decisions posted on the FPSLREB's website. The only decision-related information on the website indexed by Internet search engines are decision summaries and the FPSLREB's annual reports. We cannot guarantee that the technological measures will always be respected or free of mistakes or malfunctions. Please address your questions to the webmaster at: