Staffing Complaints Forms (PSEA)


The FPSLREB’s Policy on Openness and Privacy explains why information filed with the FPSLREB is generally available to the public and why it could be reported in a decision posted on the FPSLREB website and distributed to publishers.

For more detailed information on the staffing complaint process and the FPSLREB procedures, please consult your union representative, HR specialist or the Procedural Guide for Staffing Complaints. If you choose to be represented during the complaint process, it is your responsibility to advise your representative as soon as possible that you have filed a complaint.

Click on the desired form to print a copy:

  • Notice of Complaint (E-Filing; PDF version)
  • Form 2 Names and addresses of parties (Please contact Registry to get this form 613-949-6516 or
  • Form 3 Request for Order for Provision of Information (PDF version 137 KB)
  • Form 4 Application for Intervenor Status (PDF version 144 KB)
  • Form 5 Notice to the Canadian Human Rights Commission (PDF version 136 KB)
  • Form 6 Objection re:  Timeliness of Complaint (PDF version 143 KB)
  • Form 7 Allegations (PDF version 145 KB)
  • Form 8 Request to add or amend allegations (PDF version 146 KB)
  • Form 9 Reply to Complaint (PDF version 143 KB)
  • Form 10 Notice of Withdrawal (PDF version 143 KB)