Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board

Welcome to Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board’s Website.

The Board is an independent tribunal that was created on November 1, 2014, when the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Act came into force.

The Board administers the collective bargaining and grievance adjudication systems for the federal public sector and Parliamentary employees as well as, since June 1, 2016, RCMP members and reservists. It is also responsible for resolving staffing complaints under the Public Service Employment Act related to internal appointments and layoffs in the federal public service.

The Board provides two main services:

  • adjudication - hearing and deciding grievances, labour relations complaints, and other labour relations matters and dealing with staffing complaints related to internal appointments, layoffs, the implementation of corrective measures ordered by the Board, and revocations of appointments.
  • mediation - helping parties reach collective agreements, manage their relations under those agreements, and resolve disputes and complaints without resorting to a hearing.

The Board’s commitment to impartially resolving labour relations issues and staffing complaints contributes to a productive and efficient workplace that ultimately benefits all Canadians through the efficient delivery of government programs and services.