Case Flow Initiative

From the Chairperson — Introducing the Case Flow Initiative

I am very pleased to announce that the Board is launching a new program, the Case Flow Initiative. Its objective is to promote access to justice by reducing delays and resolving disputes as quickly and as efficiently as possible while maintaining the highest standards, as the Board fulfils its mandate.

Amarkai Laryea is leading the Case Flow Initiative. He has appeared before labour arbitrators and administrative tribunals across the country, and he brings broad expertise in mediation and arbitration to his new role.

The Case Flow Initiative’s guiding principles

  • Timely access to justice - dedicated resources reduce delays and resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality, from when a file is received to when it is resolved.
  • Stakeholder engagement - ideas are shared with and feedback is sought continuously from stakeholders.
  • Transparency - progress, new processes, and results are communicated regularly.

The goal, and how we’ll reach it

The Case Flow Initiative will build on the Board’s existing case-management tools and efforts so that ultimately, those seeking access to justice will be supported, now and in the future. New technologies will be integrated as those existing tools and efforts are built on. This will improve the Board’s case-management modernization drive and will enable analyzing trends and their effects on case-management effectiveness. All aspects of case processing will be supported with dedicated resources.

The Case Management Initiative includes the ongoing analysis of our caseload, registry systems, and mediation and hearing processes, with the goal of creating concise and measurable objectives and of tracking results. We will examine different ways of conducting our operations, such as earlier and more consistent case evaluation and management and alternative scheduling approaches, along with different dispute-resolution methods.

Looking ahead

A great deal of planning and effort took place to launch the Case Flow Initiative. A critical component to ensure its success will be consistent, transparent, and ongoing engagement with our stakeholders. This includes seeking feedback, sharing ideas, and providing progress updates throughout each phase.

I look forward to seeing the Case Flow Initiative come to fruition!