Introduction to Mediation at the Board

The Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services (MDRS) has launched a new virtual session to introduce parties to the mediation services at the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB). These sessions will be held at various times as indicated below in both English and French. Sessions are interactive in nature, are 90 minutes in duration, and will be held using the Zoom platform.


This session was developed based on requests to provide customized training to stakeholders on mediation services at the FPSLREB, and how mediation may be applicable to various staffing, labour relations and collective bargaining situations and disputes. Mediators developed this session based on past experience in training and mediation sessions.


  • Acquaint participants with the Board’s mandate, stakeholder groups and role of the Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services within the Board
  • Discuss the use of mediation through practical examples of mediators and participants
  • Explore the benefits of mediation, roles of all participants in the process and the various steps of the FPSLREB mediation process


  • Dates to to be determined


To register free of charge, please e-mail indicating your choice of session along with your e-mail address and telephone number. Once registration is confirmed by the Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services team, participants will receive a confirmation email including instructions to join the session using the Zoom platform.

The number of participants per session is limited to 25. If sessions do not have sufficient attendance, the session may be cancelled or postponed. Depending on the number of participants registered, you may be placed on a waiting list to attend a future session.